Sole Smoother, Anibacterial Callus Stone

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This bestselling foot exfoliator and smoothing tool is infused with silver for protection from bacteria and germs. Premium quality, this antibacterial callus removal stone is a German-made, fully waterproof ceramic stone with an ergonomic handle.

  • Effectively removes calluses and smooths feet 
  • Infused with silver for enhanced hygiene 
  • Improved design is fully waterproof to use in the shower or tub 
  • Ergonomic and durable, the high-quality Sole Smoother is comfortable to hold, easy to use and long lasting

To clean callus stone, use soap and water. Air dry.

 10.8 inches long.

Important Information

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Safety Warning
Not for use for diabetics, hemophiliacs, or those with circulatory problems.