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insightful Q & A with Ullman's owner Uli Laczkovich here.

Recent press: Jan. 11, 2022, Voyage Michigan Magazine. Check out this fun
Q & A with Ullman's owner Uli Laczkovich here.

Hello everyone,

Wellness, nutrition, fragrances, — and simply making people feel good — have always been top priorities in my life. My work as a retail pharmacist in Germany and Austria reinforced and matured this philosophy. As a working mom I need remedies that work immediately and are reliable for our children — and ourselves; these have not always been easy to find. I saw customers feeling overwhelmed by the dizzying variety of products — and perhaps misguided by advertising. It is my goal to help you make more comprehensible choices for you and your family’s health and wellbeing!

So, what’s that: “Ullman’s – The Wohlfuhl people”? During the last decade our family moved back and forth between Germany, Austria and Michigan. We finally settled down in Berkley, MI and we love it!!

As genial as life in our community is, we do think an infusion of the “European sense of wellness” could make it even better! “WOHLFUEHLEN” in German, the feeling of being able to relax, having some me-time, savoring the moment. At the same time, we love the sheer abundance of American nutritional supplements.

Combining the best of “both worlds” the idea of Ullman’s Health and Beauty was born.

Having visited multiple Tea stores, Pharmacies, Health-Food businesses, Vitamin shops and talking to countless super friendly and helpful owners, managers and experts, my husband and I developed a clear vision of how our store and brand should look — and feel.

While of course you can order our products online we are excited to invite you to our spick-and-span real live store — to experience, taste and smell all the products we selected for you — you’re welcome to browse, roam and linger!

As you may have already guessed, our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, natural and organic, whenever possible — for the moment this is the only planet we have ;).

To your Wellness, Uli, Roman, and the Ullman's team