About Us

We are an integrated* HealthStore with three departments:

  • Supplements and OTC meds
  • Teas and Essential Oils
  • Skincare and Fragrances

With us, you will find a place where you can come and relax, to experience an assortment of honed and curated goods. Where we listen to your needs and offer our counsel. Feel welcome! Your wellbeing has as many layers as your personality. At times, when you don’t feel so great some new skincare. Other times one of our great supplements or a steaming cup of tea might get you back on track!

Stay happy and well!  

* What does ”integrated” mean?

To us, integrated means to see you as a whole, complete and connected, the total of your being.

** What does that mean, “Wohlfuhl people”?

“Wohlfuhlen” is the German word for “feel at ease” — believe it or not, even the German folks loosen up sometimes. Run a bath, let their hair down, pour a drink, indulge in little luxuries: fragrances, body care, facial treatments, supplements, incenses, vitamins, sports nutrition, homeopathics — whatever enhances your well-being. 

We at Ullman’s are on an incessant (well, you know ;)) mission to track down and retrieve these “wohlfuhl brands” from all over the globe and bring them to your doorstep.