Figs & Plums


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A light herbal tea blend which is fitting for the trendy Levante cuisine being characterized by delicate spices and herbs. The region towards the east of the Mediterranean Sea has inspired us to create this mystical combination.  Bright Pomegranate arils, dates, figs, and plums with exotic spices will let you daydream of the sun and the hustle and bustle of the markets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with their highly aromatic, culinary influences from the neighboring Arab nations. Sweet, fruity notes of figs and plums, a dash of fine lemon grass, many notes of spices and a hint of sesame make this an irresistible indulgence. 


Lemongrass, date pieces (dates, rice flour), ginger pieces, apple pieces, flavoring, cardamom seeds. pomegranate blossoms, freeze-dried fig quarters, freeze-dried plum pieces 

How to prepare

1-2tsp per 6 oz.
Brew at 203-212°F
Steep 5-10 min.