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Neck Wrap - Red Ultra Suede

Hot Cherry Pillows

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Relax with Moist Heat that smells like Cherry Pie!

Soft, durable, and soothing neck wrap
These pillows are lightweight and designed to alleviate neck muscle tension and promote relaxation while sitting up.

The Hot Cherry® Neck Wrap in plush Maraschino ultra-suede comes with gift tag and elegant ribbon. It makes a lovely gift of relaxation.

All Hot Cherry® pillows are machine washable ––follow instructions carefully–– and they will last for years!
Every Hot Cherry® pillow is microwavable and freezable. They can be used hot, cold or room temperature.
Hot Cherry® pillows come in 6 different sizes and 3 fabrics to choose from.
Each Neck Wrap measures 22” x 5” and holds approximately 2 lbs. of clean dried cherry pits.
Hot Cherry® pillows are made with love in the USA.