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Bluephoria 2-Step Luscious Lip Kit

Farmhouse Fresh

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Hydration, lip rejuvenation.

Prepare for the ultimate lip care experience! This 2-piece lip kit is designed for all-day hydration and overnight rejuvenation.

Blupehoria Lip Drench Jelly Sleep Mask offers a sumptuous overnight lip care experience, deeply hydrating and volumizing for a soft, plump pout. It's formulated with beneficial antioxidants, creamy shea butter, vegan candelilla wax, and FHF-grown spearmint extract, along with restorative niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, to rejuvenate dry, flaky lips overnight. For optimal outcomes, apply a generous layer before sleep.


Blupehoria Hi-Bio® Hemp Lip Therapy offers a rich and creamy formula, ideal for daytime use, designed to cool, soothe, and provide your lips with lasting hydration. It is crafted with an abundance of plant compounds and antioxidants derived from CBD, organic blue matcha, spirulina, and FHF-grown spearmint extract.