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Mini Nail Rescue Kit, Stainless Steel 4pc


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Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit is a portable version of Tweezerman’s top stainless steel nail care essentials, our mini-kit provides big solutions for life's little problems: just pluck from your pocket or purse anytime your nails hit a snag and require a quick fix. The petite, travel-friendly set includes four tools for complete nail care.

  • Mini Nail Clipper- Stainless Steel
  • Mini Cuticle & Hangnail Snipper - This revolutionary trimmer is designed ergonomically for easy, comfortable handling.  The sharp, angled precision blades cut cleanly without pulling on skin - just squeeze to snip, that's it.
  • Mini Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner - Combined with a nail cleaner, our miniaturized famous Pushy® is buffed smooth to gently push back cuticles and clean under the nail.
  • Mini Nail File- This nickel-plated mini file is super strong and long-lasting, with a sapphire finish for extra-gentle shaping and smoothing of nails.