It's all good! Tea Assortment org. 30 g, double chamber bag

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There is a herb for everything. All teas are united in one box in the “It’s all good!” selection. From "Calm your nerves" to "Follow your gut feeling" – it contains the right tea for every occasion and every ailment. Not long and all is well again.

20 Bags

100% Organic


2 x Easy Wee Tea, Herbal-Fruit-Tea: birch leaves org., camomile org., elderflowers org., cranberries org., blueberries org., stinging nettle org., rose hip org., lingonberries org., juniper berries org.. 2 x Light as a feather, Herbal Tea: stinging nettle org., elderflowers org., lemongrass org., GREEN OAT org., mate (contains caffeine) org., lady’s mantle org., rose flowers org., ginger org.. 2 x Sweet Dreams, Herbal Tea: yarrow org., lemon balm org., blackberry leaves org., lavender org., orange peels org., fennel org.. 2 x Menopause Support, Herbal Tea: lady's mantle org., blackberry leaves org., lemon balm org., pomegranate org., yarrow org., sage org., sweet clover org.. 2 x Calm your Nerves, Herbal Tea: lemon balm org., apple mint org., lavender org., hops org., cornflowers org., orange peels org.. 2 x Soothing Throat, Herbal Tea: rosehip org., elderflowers org., lime flowers org., ribwort org., common mallow org. 2 x Liberate your liver, Herbal Tea: spearmint org., dandelion leaves org., yarrow org., fennel org., lemongrass org., caraway org., calendula org. . 2 x Womanly Support, Herbal Tea: stinging nettle org., elderflower org., sage org., yarrow org., juniper berries org.. 2 x Listen to your Heart, Herbal Tea: apple mint org., lemon balm org., rosemary org., lemongrass org., mate (contains caffeine) org., rose petals org.. 2 x Calming Tummy Tea, Herbal Tea: common mallow org., spearmint org., lemon balm org., Greek Mountain tea org., calendula org., yarrow org..