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Hildegard Fasting Tea, 20 Bags, Organic Herbal Spice Tea


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Clarity from the inside! A tea that supports fasting. It sparkles lemony yellow with a slight shade of green. A piquant-aromatic, Mediterranean scent tickles your nose and a velvety-soft note delights your palate. This blend combines Italian flavors with soothing chamomile. A wonderful tea that is an excellent companion not only during fasting. This magical blend is based on advice of Saint Hildegard which has not lost its relevance over the centuries. Modern cuisine savory dishes benefit immensely from its aromas. Pour and relax! 

18 double chamber bags


elderflowers org.
sage org.
blackberry leaves org.
yarrow org.
juniper berries org.
wild thyme org.
primrose (cowslip) org.
camomile org.


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