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Winter Creams

Winter Creams

Posted by Ullman's on 19th Feb 2024

Greetings from Ullman's! 

Whether you are enjoying this beautifully, cold weather or you are struggling with the cold, here are some wonderful ideas for Winter Creams to protect your skin. 

Happy reading!

Jao Face Cream

This rich Jao Face cream is designed to protect and nourish your skin. Together, the blend of great ingredients such as squalenes, prune seed oil, and glycerin, make a perfect combination for a great winter cream. It comes in two forms, regular with refreshing essential oils, and essential oil free for sensitive skin. The protective layer of this cream prevents moisture loss. If you don’t let this cream soak in all the way it will work as a primer for your foundation.

Jao’s Body Oil

Coming from the same line as the Jao Creams, this body oil is perfectly suited for the cold winter months. It is an oil-cream that comes out of a tube. The combination of aloe and good oils helps to create a body oil in the form of an easy to apply cream. Important to note, a little goes a long way.

Sunday Standard Oil to Milk Cleanser

Enjoy the herbal freshness of this opulent cleanser, made for all skin types! Lavish a small amount onto the dry skin, then add some drops of water. This will result in a creamy light blue lotion, that purifies and eliminates impurities. It can be washed off with water and leaves the skin silky soft, you might not even need a moisturizer after!

Dr. Grandel’s Timeless Sleeping Cream

This cream is a gem that invites you into a realm of tranquility and rejuvenation. Upon application, you will feel a slight cooling sensation truly melting away stress and fatigue. It can be used when needed, as a daily evening cream, or as a daytime application during the winter chills.


Coola has been a favorite brand of Ullman’s for quite some years. Coola comes up with innovative products to make sunscreen use easier and more fun. They offer sprays, lotions, and sticks for your skincare routine. And not to forget, their formulations are 70% organic. 

Lip Smart

Lip Smart is for sure a splurge at $32.90; however, the effectiveness of this product has created a loyal following in our store. In the winter months it especially helps to heal and/or prevent cracked and inflamed lips. It is infused with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, plus a creamy base that prevents moisture loss. It sure is a must try!

See you soon, and be well, 

Your team at Ullman's Health and Beauty