Tee Advent Kalender 24 Different Tea Bags

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The Tea Advent Calendar makes the most wonderful time of the year even more exciting. Enjoy each day in Advent a different blend of our organic delights - a cheerful Christmas dream!

Some of the teas contain caffeine, most of them don't. Please check list on photo.

This Sonnentor product is organic, fair-traded, vegan, gluten-free (except 2 flavours), lactose-free and GMO-free.


What's in it?

Teas in the Calendar:

    1. Good Mood Tea
    2. Fireplace Fruit Tea
    3. Golden Turmeric
    4. It's All Good - Soothing Throat Tea
    5. Organic Pleasant Leisure Time
    6. Advent Tea
    7. Organic Hildegard's Energy Tea
    8. Good Morning
    9. Pai Mu Tan
    10. Organic Sniffle Tea for Children
    11. Stinging Nettle
    12. Ginger Sun Tea
    13. New Year's Tea
    14. Darjeeling Tea
    15. Baked Apple Tea
    16. Fortune Herbal Tea
    17. Flowery Turmeric Tea
    18. Green Luck Tea
    19. Bases Herbal Tea
    20. Winter Night Fruit Spice Tea
    21. Calming Tummy Tea
    22. Guardian Angel Tea
    23. Relaxation Tea Hildegard
    24. Heavenly Delight Christmas Tea