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Cranberry & Green Tea, 18 Bags, Organic

Buddha Teas

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An invigorating blend of tart cranberries and fresh green tea leaves, this tea is perfect for any occasion. Cranberry & Green Tea is enjoyed hot or iced. Green tea is a treasure of the East, admired for its light, fresh taste and aroma. It has steadily earned a place as one of the most popular teas, and while green tea has been enjoyed alone, its notable flavor and versatility makes it ideal for crafting into a variety of different blends as well. We've brought two exceptional ingredients together in this tantalizing tea experience. Cranberries are a worldwide favorite, known for the tart & tangy flavor that makes them a wonderfully zesty addition to pastries and juices. Combined, these two ingredients find perfect harmony in this truly delightful tea blend. The tart, fruity taste of cranberry is pleasantly balanced by the mild sweet flavor of green tea, offering the best qualities of both in every invigorating sip.

If you are looking for a mildly caffeinated blend with a unique flavor, Cranberry & Green Tea is for you. Buddha Teas is one of the few tea merchants that offers unadulterated organic and wild-harvested teas packaged in bleach-free tea bags.